General Comments

This sounds amazing and better than expected.
It was a hole in the ground.
It sounded like a leaking cistern.
Sounds like Italy on a Sunday morning.
I love it – I want to come back at different times of the year so I can hear it play 4 seasons.
Very Zen!
The rain drips ease the soul!
Art can be painted, drawn, etched, or in this case “born”.
The term “Post Digital” – is that a good thing or a bad thing?
It’s not for the hard of hearing.
Great weather, lovely landscape – fantastic!
The bamboo poles are important – to hear the rumbling bass notes too.
It was an unusual place to put it, but interesting sound!!!
Beautiful! Long live the hole and hole duo! is a great site. Why not inscribe the address on the base of the horn?
I like it.
I thought it was very interesting, and a good way of getting people introduced to new music.
I enjoyed very much. My disabled friend could not get to it unfortunately so he had to wait in the car park.
What a masterpiece of music.
I like it.
It’s a hole with a horn.
Lovely! A mysterious Sunday experience!
Very impressive. Looking forward to hearing it without all the distracting noise.
Very interesting! In Germany we don’t have anything like this.
Rhythm drops!
It’s great to see an installation that everyone can enjoy. The sound of the music was much more tuneful than I had expected. It’s lovely to see so many people here in the wood.
Harmony and tranquillity in the wood.
It sounded like sword fighting.
Thanks Jem, it’s a really beautiful work – sounds like bells. Best, Dawn
Dear Jem, it’s lovely. We came down from Manchester to see/hear it and we’re very pleased we did! Love from Caroline
Cheers Jem! Love Shanne
Jem – you did it again. It’s great, congratulations. Love Hayley
A magic day in Dingley Dell, made more so with the oriental chimes.
All the dogs were going in the dew pond. It was funny.
A beautiful, ghostly racket!
It will be nice to play live instruments with this, e.g. sax.
Well done, looks and sounds beautiful.
It’s like waking up to Resonance FM.
It’s money well spent. Better than giving it all to Sir Paul…
Well organised, pleasant, but music was slightly disappointing.
Wonderful occasion, very social and collective experience.
More apples, more rolls.
It was a lovely day.
Good luck to artist. We will be back to hear it properly.
Wonderful. Could have been some more refreshments! But otherwise perfect.
Will go again.
The cheese and apples and juice were nice too!
I was very cold.
Very generous. But bad stewarding – the place needed SILENCE.
I would like to come back again to hear the work when the site is quieter. Thank you for supporting this work!
I love you Jem and Marcia – go on giving us exciting and beautiful happenings. (Antonia Chetwynd)
A snack bar/café would be nice, or maybe a kebab van.
Well done and all the best to all. Thank you.
Congratulations to Jem Finer, the PRSF and SVA!
Lovely day out – thank you.
Thanks for everything – impressive organisation – coach, food, very amenable. Well done for supporting such positive work!
Thank you for today.
I will go again when fewer people, dogs and children are there so I can hear it better! Glad it was so popular, though. And thanks for the refreshments. And the lift.
Need to come on my own.
Thank you for making it possible for Jem to create his wonderful musical sculptures in this setting.
It’s great to see money given to inspiring inventors and creators of unusual projects.
Great day – to have transport (and refreshments) provided meant that there was a chance to see and experience the work. Thanks!
Well organised and great local produce as refreshments. Good communications and instructions re: travelling to and from. Very enjoyable!
A great initiative. Keep it up.
It was lovely to have the local produce/lunch, which was delivered as if by fairies one might happen upon in the woods.
Good idea having tent with local produce.
Would like to come back and listen to the horn alone.
Thanks for supporting this!
Well done.
In terms of facilities, I’m surprised that there were no loos in the car park. Perhaps this is something for Forest Enterprises or Stour Valley Arts. Anyone arriving from a distance might appreciate it.
I’ve had a lovely day out, thank you – who are PRS Foundation?
An excellent social occasion.