Impressions of the location

Fantastic site, would be great to discover the installation by accident.
Beautiful wood, will be good to come when no-one else is around
Lovely location, shame the location was more impressive than it’s sound.
Great location, accessible yet in its own space, blending with natural environment.
Suffered slightly from being with so many other people, but if I had been alone it would have made a strongly positive impression.
Beautiful spot.
Beautiful location, but shame about so much rain making it all so slippy, and the water unclear. I really want to come back in the Spring.
Very nice, more events in forests!
It is beautiful, I’d like to come back and see it on a quieter day.
Beautiful woodland. I’d like to spend more time looking at the other sculptures.
Beautiful but cold.
Very nice and natural.
Ideally situated for the piece – perfect.
The location was simply beautiful and I can’t wait to come back on my own, much as I loved the interesting crowd gathered today.
Kings Wood/Stour Valley Arts is an inspirational choice for the siting of this work – a cherished woodland with a loyal, informed visitor profile.
Covered a larger area than I realised. Lovely light through the beech wood. Strangely quiet (e.g. no birdsong or indeed road-noise).
Ideal for the work.
Wonderful – immersive and engaging.
It was pretty.
Beautiful place to come to – it’s great to see art/music in a natural place. Sometimes we see it in smoky pubs – it’s removed from it’s source.
Beautiful. Elegant. Discreet. Blended in beautifully.
Magical, private, perfect and silent.
I love beech woods anyway, so this was a real pleasure. The woods have kept a wild feel although it is managed.
The location was a beautiful settting.
Perfectly fabulous! The walk was beautiful, and to sit in the woods with light streaming through the leaves made it a magical experience.
The location is, generally, a lovely wood! I liked the particular location in that it wasn’t set in an obvious (already defined) spot.
Surprisingly accessible and yet secluded.
Delightful and certainly a place to which I would like to return.
Great locations, nice to get out in the country.
Great forest.
Leafy green, rural.
Gorgeous (and I’m sure much more peaceful on most other days!)
Fantastic – beautiful.
Excellent, beautiful, exquisite location.
A beautiful place.
The location is absolutely beautiful. I want to come back when there are not so many people, and just walk around. Also, come back to hear the music when there is quiet all around.
Probably quite perfect: deep into woodland but not too remote.