Has it changed your perception of music ?

Yes – 24: 45%
No – 27: 51%
No answer – 2: 4%

If yes, in what way?

In that it broadens the definition of ‘music’.
It has made me think about the possibilities of making music in the environment.
In that music is more than what one can record or playback or pause. It is part of our landscape, of us as humans.
Not really, but still nice.
Made it seem more part of the outdoor and part of sculpture.
Not just instruments.
I have more appreciation for it.
Great that this award is recognising music that is not reliant on technology, electricity as we move towards ‘peak oil’.
Demonstrates that New Music does not have to rely on New Technology.
In the possibility of taking music really back to its roots.
I don’t know.
I can’t describe it in words.
The time scale is different from recorded or performed work, also where it is located in a natural context.
In the integration of natural forces into a clock and the risk it continues to offer in terms of “performative” music. Many more possibilities in the future too – it’s a way of hearing the past through the future…
I would like to put some of my strange ideas into practice to be shared, like this project did for us.
New idea to me using natural sounds generated by the earth/water – though the bells/percussion made it more like regular human-made music. Different, though – new to me.
An awareness of finding music in nature, creating notes and rhythms from natural resources and everyday background sounds.
The simplicity of the sound, yet it was many layered.
New music can be organic and minimalist.
Organic music – great. It was wonderful idea to combine nature and music.
It fascinatingly explores the potential and implications of what I am already aware of.
It’s refreshing to hear quiet things being created that require/encourage silence and time (patience).
The decision to call it music rather than Sound Art raises a good point for debate.
I’m not sure I have a perception of “new” or “old” music. I’d be more apt to say it’s changed my perception of the English woods.
Not sure how you define new/old music.
Pushes the boundaries of composition/performance/improvisation.
It has added to the experience.
No, because I know a lot about new music already.