hybrid water instrument


Inspired by reading Jacques Dudon’s book, “La Musique de L’eau”, this is a more sophisticated possibility for the basis of the instrumentation, combining an “organ” with the marimba and chime bar instrument described below.

In the book an instrument is described in which a tube with a whistle hole cut into it stands in water. Water poured into an adjacent tube causes air to be pushed into the whistle pipe and make a sound, pitched according to its length.

Here such an instrument is placed underneath, and in the path of, water falling from the pivoting of a shishi odoshi (“deer scarer”) principle instrument, thus combining four sounds; falling and dripping water, a marimba, chime bars and an organ tone.

Such an arrangement would be duplicated a number of times, using differently tuned marimba bars, chime bars and “organ ” pipes.

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  1. Peter Wilberforce says:

    Beautiful idea – just looking at the pics, listening to the sounds, watching the video, there is so much magic and inspiration in it. Can’t wait to stand in the forest and hear the finished instrument’s music weaving its spell. Good luck.

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