5 feet high and rising


The water in the hole is rising. What once looked like a futuristic city of tuned percussion now lies pretty much completely submerged. The consequence is that the music is now largely made up of watery sounds, accompanied by the chiming of the few instruments that still hang above the surface.

It sounds lovely but if you’re planning to visit don’t expect the full ensemble for the time being. It’s quiet, minimal and aquasonic.

[audio:sfahitg 1-11-06_3-seg.mp3]

There are several possibilities for the fact that the drain doesn’t work. The most likely is that the chalk under the floor of the hole takes its time to soak up the overflow and it’s still coping with the deluge that poured in during the storms a couple of weeks ago. This adds an unexpected and not unwelcome new dimesion to the ebb and flow of the music.


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